To respond immediately to the humanitarian crisis in Texas, Save the Children has deployed Children’s Emergency Funds to get urgent items out to shelters, such as coats, hygiene kits, play kits and cleaning kits, however much more is needed.

Additional funding is needed so we can provide support to shelters through micro-grants to address immediate needs, directing gift-in-kind items and coordination with other aid agencies. Please note that we are not purchasing generators even though these are needed. We are working with other agencies who may already have them on hand and can provide the technical assistance needed.

There will be additional information coming on potential support to childcare centers in TX, which will likely focus on helping them access federal funding for recovery. Many childcare centers, already impacted by COVID-19, are now facing burst pipes and no funding for large repairs of this kind.

Save the Children works with 40 shelters (30 in the US and 10 in Mexico) and there are six shelters in the US that are in dire need (see the attached map of the six shelters from Del Rio, TX down to Brownsville, TX). Most have limited or no power – some no water. There are many families living in these shelters with babies and infants. Shelters in Mexico are also in need of support and USPA is looking into ways that we could provide support to shelters in Matamoros, Mexico.

Anyone that wants to help our efforts in Texas, can donate by using the link below