Cold Spring Harbor HS International Club
Right before the holiday break 2023, donated $150 to Save the Children for the Children’s Emergency Fund.


Several students volunteered at a Family Service League program

Lego Building in February. We assisted children age 4-14 to build Lego structures.  Many of the lego structures were challenging!  We also played games and had a great time!

Several students volunteered to gather clothes at Swoondle Society
What is Swoondle Society you might ask? The Swoondle Society’s is an internet-based business founded by a local resident, Jen Zuklie.  Its mission to create an easy, hassle-free, and fun marketplace for parents to trade their children’s clothing.  Parents from around the country mail clothing items which their children outgrew and trade them in for other options.  It is a great way for parents to save money and reduce their carbon footprint by reducing textile waste in landfills.  Jen generously donates clothes to charities which distribute them to children in need.  Save the Children Student Ambassadors were invited to gather clothes which were donated to Helping Hands Helping Mission and Family Service League.
International Night
Is an event held at Cold Spring Harbor High School for district students to learn about other cultures.  Save the Children Long Island Student Ambassadors volunteer each year.   We have a fun Prize Spin Wheel and Informational table about Save the Children and the needs of children around the world and in the U.S.

Sadie Flynn Fundraiser A local student has started a fundraiser to help earthquake survivors in Turkey and Syria. Sadie Flynn, a compassionate and motivated 7th grade student at Cold Spring Harbor Junior High School, researched humanitarian organizations. She learned that Save the Children is on the ground providing humanitarian relief when children need it most- whether from conflict or natural disaster. Last year, Sadie raised over $10,000 for children in Ukraine and Ukrainian refugees.  “I was concerned about the children who were cold and afraid, and I wanted to do something to help,” she said. On Feb 6, when the unimaginable 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Turkey and Syria, Sadie was again compelled into action with concern for the frightened children in need of clothing, blankets, food, water, and shelter.  “How can I help?  Can we do another fundraiser?” she immediately asked. Donations received by the Long Island Council in the month of March will be designated to Sadie’s fundraising efforts to benefit the The Children's Emergency Fund.