Right now the world is standing at the precipice of an unprecedented hunger catastrophe. The effects of climate change, the war in Ukraine and other factors have added up to some 23 million people facing crisis levels of hunger in Kenya, Somalia and Ethiopia. Severe Acute Malnutrition (S.A.M) threatens to carry off some 1.7 million children in the coming months.

Many people are surprised to learn that treating S.A.M is devastatingly simple and cost effective through a special milk formula and high-nutrient peanut paste. This is just one piece of a complex response supported in part by the Children’s Emergency Fund. Additionally we are working to give struggling families cash support, provide drought-resistant crops, improve water supplies, supporting parents to set up small businesses and more. All of this – and our ability to rise to meet each emergency as it happens – is thanks to donors like you.

You can either donate by using the secure link below through PayPal, or donations can be mailed to:

Save the Children Long Island Council
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